READI has been organizing volunteers for experimental learning program from all over the world. The program is based on experiential learning through cultural, language and educational immersion with local communities. The volunteers are engaged in community projects of ours and are in constant interaction with local communities . Our volunteers stays with host families homestays to learn more about intercultural exchanges.
The program will be one of the lifetime experience for the youths to experience the life in the Himalayas , learn culture , engage in community work and gather expereicne which will enable them to propsper in their future . Hopefully be a better leader to serve communities and world at large . The unique isolated , remote yet unexplored but full of possibilites and learning in Nepal will be once in a lifetime experience for them .
We have hosted many international volunteers in the past providing them with the Nepal community living experiences , cultural immersions , skill development , engage in our community project to help and serve the local community.



Areas and Projects where volunteers can get involve in :
Education and Literacy
The READI empowers people by education, raising awareness, sharing knowledge & on-the-job training. At local community level, READI mobilizes local communities to enhance the people’s skill level though responsible and accountable (technical) trainings, communication and computer education. Volunteers can be enaged with local primary school of the village , involve in language teaching , music sports , story telling , multimedia to school children . 

Currently we have two project in Education volunteer program location in Shree Krishna Primary School in Changunarayan , and Shree Balmandir School in Simkot Humla . 

We also organize volunteer program in Environment , Health , engineering and other relevant areas . 

Volunteer can participate in our program from minimum two weeks to maximum 6 weeks . 

We have been organizing volunteer trips to individual and organization abroad . In summer we collaborate with AIPC Pandora , Madrid Spain , for Micro-Project Program is a 21-day long group program. We also collaborate with other  individual and organizations in Spain , US ,Canada and UK . 

This International Experiential Educational program is based on a global service learning methodology ensuring the experiential learning through cultural, language and educational immersion with local communities. Community Service has to be central in the program, home stay accommodations recommended, and thematic approaches included. The experiential learning has to be ensured by the continuing interaction with local communities, the themes of the projects and the beneficiaries

Check out video one of our Volunteer experience from our summer program of 2017 : 


If you are an individual or an organization , that would like to have volunteering experience in one of our project , please do contact us at or directly to our head of volunteer program Mr. Rakesh Shahi :